Administration of Estates

The death of a loved one can be an exceptionally difficult time. At Murlands our dedicated Probate experts will help guide you through the processes and legal requirements involved in dealing with the administration of the estate.

Whether a will has been made or not, we will support you through the disposal and transfer of assets. Unlike many offices, we have solicitors dedicated to this area of the law and will they will use their expert knowledge to assist you in dealing with the burden of legal responsibilities in a supportive and efficient manner.

Partners Alan T.W Reid and John R. O’Prey both hold the hold the internationally recognised Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) qualification.


Property law has been at the core of Murlands practice since the 1830s and we recognise that buying a property is one of the biggest investments you will ever make.

At Murlands, we believe that every conveyancing transaction should be handled personally by a fully qualified solicitor who will be there to assist and advise you through every step of the process. Our clients can therefore be assured of a consistently excellent standard of service and support during what can be one of the most stressful times of a person’s life.

We offer a full range of conveyancing services including transfers, buying, selling and re-mortgaging. We are a panel member of all major lending institutions, the NI Co-Ownership Housing Association and a member of the LSNI Home Charter Scheme.


Murlands Solicitors have a long-established reputation for representing our clients in relation to criminal and motoring offences. We can assist you in interviews at Police Stations and represent you in all of the local courts, including Magistrates and Crown Court.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Future management of affairs is an area of increasing concern for our clients. We can advise and assist you in the management and structuring of your affairs now, in order to protect you and your family in the future.

The execution of an Enduring Power of Attorney will allow you to nominate individuals to act on your behalf if you become unable to manage your own affairs in the future. We will advise you in relation to the tailoring of the document in order to accommodate your own specific family and financial circumstances.

We will also assist and support Attorneys though the process of registration of the Enduring Power of Attorney and advise in relation to the operation of same when required.

Family and Matrimonial

Our experienced team of family and matrimonial lawyers will take a pragmatic but sympathetic approach in relation to advising clients on issues surrounding family and home life.

We have extensive experience in all traditional areas of Matrimonial law including negotiated settlements, divorce, ancillary relief, injunctions and non-molestation orders. We also act in evolving areas such as advising the execution of pre-nuptial agreements.

Partner Ronald Lowry is a member of the Children’s Order Panel and he, together with his team, can assist in both public and private areas of children’s law including contact issues, residence and adoption.

Judicial Review

Our litigation team is also experienced in assisting our clients to hold government officials and statutory authorities and agencies to account for the proper performance of their statutory and other functions. When decisions taken improperly by such bodies adversely impact upon our clients, we are able to challenge and seek to have such decisions revisited through formal Judicial Review proceedings in the High Court.

Landlord / Tenant

Our private client department can draw on their exceptional experience in property law to advise both landlords and tenants in relation to their respective obligations under existing agreements.

We act both on behalf of Landlords in relation to the preparation of bespoke tenancy agreements and a number of estate agents in relation to supporting them in their work in this area of law and commerce.

Tenants frequently fail to take the proper legal advice in relation to the terms of new tenancy agreements and Murlands have the expertise required to fully advise tenants in relation to their rights and obligations under new tenancy agreements and negotiating amendments tailored to their own specific circumstances. We can also assist in relation to the resolution of disputes over the terms of existing arrangements

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

If you’ve been injured or had your property damaged by someone else or if someone has broken an agreement with you or otherwise caused you loss, we will handle your claim professionally to ensure you are properly compensated. And if you are sued by someone else we are equally experienced at defending claims and ensuring that, only if you are legally liable, any compensation agreed or awarded is limited to no more than the claimant is entitled to.

Headed by Eileen McLarnon, our litigation solicitors have vast experience of pursuing and defending claims in the High Court and in County Courts throughout Northern Ireland, whilst always being alert to the possibility of negotiating settlements advantageous to our clients. We take pride in handling all such cases efficiently and with attention to detail, keeping our clients properly informed throughout the process.

Mental Capacity and Office of Care and Protection.

Murlands Private Client department regularly advise families on issues of capacity; in relation to the ability to make and execute a Will and in relation to the management of relatives affairs where they are deemed to have lost capacity.

We can assist you in in a sensitive manner in making the application to the High Court for the Appointment of a Controller, obtaining the relevant medical evidence to support the application and assist you in the management of those affairs once an Order is made. We can also advise as to the appropriateness of a statutory will, and make the necessary application to court for execution of same on behalf of a Patient.

Notary Service

All Solicitors in Northern Ireland are able to witness the majority of legal documents. However, certain matters will require the services of a Notary Public (sometimes known as a public notary). Most commonly, you will require a Notary Public in relation to documentation to be used abroad, for example if you are travelling abroad to work, or are purchasing foreign property.

Our Senior Partner Alan T.W Reid was appointed Notary Public in 2014. A Notary Public is appointed by the Lord Chief Justice. There are relatively few Notaries in Northern Ireland, and so Murlands are proud to offer this service. Alan is also registered with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, and the College of Notaries, so can also assist you in obtaining an Apostille if required.

Learn more about the functions of a Notary Public here and for more information on Apostilles, click here.

Nursing Care

With an aging population, Murlands recognise that the concern over future liability for charges for residential or nursing accommodation is becoming an increasing issue that our clients want to examine in planning ahead. Our private client team can advise you on the funding of future care and liability for payment of fees based on your capital assets and income.

The advice we offer will be tailored to your own specific circumstances and will offer reassurance to you and your family.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Making a Will is the only way to ensure that your estate will be disposed of in the manner in which you intend. Failure to make a Will can lead to your estate passing to beneficiaries that you would not have wished to inherit your assets. Clients often tell us that they are reluctant to make a Will as they are intimidated by the process.

At Murlands, our expert solicitors will advise you based on your own specific circumstances and the most tax efficient manner in which to dispose of your assets in order to mitigate or prevent inheritance tax being payable at your death. We advise a broad range of clients in relation to estate planning and pride ourselves on our level of expertise and involvement with the agricultural community in this area.

Partners Alan T.W Reid and John R. O’Prey both hold the hold the internationally recognised Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) qualification.